September 6, 2017

The unsung heroes of any business

Today is secretaries’ day.  But I think it should be called support staff day.

In a business that sells products, when there is a big sale, the sales team gets the credit.

In a manufacturing business, when there is a production record, the production team gets the credit.

When an advertising agency wins a Cannes lions or lands a big client following a successful pitch, the creative staff get the credit.

When a school has another 100% matric pass rate, the teaching staff get the credit.

In a law firm, when there is a big case win, the lawyers get the credit.

But none of these businesses would be able to do what they do without the secretaries who prepare the documents and deal with the admin (and take the abuse from the clients), the accounts clerks who get the invoices out and make sure that the money comes in, the office manager who makes sure everyone has a pen and a stapler, the receptionist who makes the visitors welcome and the tea lady who keeps everyone hydrated.

Our business, a law firm, obviously could not exist without the lawyers.

But equally, us lawyers would not be able to do our jobs without our secretaries, our paralegals, our bookkeepers, our receptionists, our drivers and our cleaners.

Every individual that makes up our support staff is a critically important cog in the machine that is our firm, and I am tremendously grateful for the role that they play and for the support that they give to me and my colleagues.

On this Secretary’s Day I want to thank Carine, Jolene, Melanie, Galina, Dikeledi, Koena, Karin and Wendy for the role that they play in our firm. Without them, we simply would not function.

Author: Robin Twaddle

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