September 21, 2018

National Wills Week

Your last will is one of the most important tools in estate planning. Every person should have a last will and testament, reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

A carefully structured and written last will and testament can meet many goals, including reducing estate duty liability, providing for dependents, and achieving the efficient administration of his or her deceased estate.

Many may think that they are not old enough or wealthy enough to warrant estate planning. This is, however, not true and every person over the age of eighteen, regardless of the size of his or her estate, should begin the process of planning their estate. The person may be single, married, divorced or separated. He or she may have minor or adult children, may be married for a second or third time and may have children from previous marriages. He or she may also own assets with a strong growth potential.

Each will and estate plan will be unique and structured according to the person’s unique circumstances, goals and objectives and will be reviewed regularly to take account of personal and legislative changes.

We strongly believe in taking care of your legacy and loved ones long after you are gone.

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